Club Information

Dress Code:

At The Fay Club, the dress code is Business Casual.

This generally refers to dress shoes and slacks, no jeans or denim, sneakers or tees. Ladies should also refrain from jeans and sports shoes.

Event Reservation Policy:

The Fay Club has a long-standing tradition of providing service excellence to all who enter. Each member and guest have unique privileges and opportunities available to them. We strive hard to ensure that every experience is a memorable one. 

In keeping with that tradition, maintaining friendly and professional service is our number one priority. Our second is to reduce unnecessary waste, keeping costs down for everyone. To that end, every Fay Club member can help us achieve this by making and confirming event reservations up to 48 hours in advance. Reservations cancelled within 48 hours will be billed to the members account.*

Over the years, we have handled last-minute cancellations (or no-shows) on a case-by-case basis. This practice will continue for those unforeseen and unexpected situations that are simply out of anyone’s control. Alternately, if the club closes for any reason (bad weather) or cancels an event, you will not be charged for any pending reservation. 

This written policy will help ensure that the club’s integrity remains intact, our members enjoy uninterrupted and unwavering service, and that this historical icon will be available for future generations.

*Effective January 7, 2022