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~ Mushroom Madness ~

Mushroom Madness

Getting to Know Mushrooms

Can you name any of these?

If you’re attending the Guided Tour, it could be fun to
guess ahead of time and see if you’re right!

Mushroom “Guided Walking Tour” 1:30 p.m.
Hosted by: John and Sophia Bogdasarian
100 Flat Rock Road, Fitchburg

The first 20 members to RSVP will enjoy a walk of the North County Land Trust Conservation area.
The tour will be about 2 miles long, and you must be able to walk on
uneven rocky pathways and up and down gentle hills.
Hiking type shoes recommended. Park in the Bogdasarian’s driveway.

Following the walk, join your hosts and David,
(who also happens to be John’s cousin),
for a glass of wine or cider and marvel at what we found,
literally right up the street from The Fay Club!








Enjoy The Fay Club Mushroom Madness!